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Tom The Suit Forst is proud to announce a new endorsement deal with guitar pedal and musical equipment manufacturer Joyo Technology.

"The thing I have to say about Joyo is that I actually use their product on my touring pedal board. I look for pedals that have a unique or natural sound character. They're also not really expensive, which makes them accessible to anyone, but they're well made, with interesting design features, so I definitely appreciate them."

"They're also a great company, really nice people who have been very supportive. They're a Chinese company, and I had started touring in China this past year, They really appreciate western music, of all kinds especially the blues."

Tom The Suit Forst has just released his first product demo video for the Joyo ZIP AMP pedal, a two-in-one pedal that is a both a compressor and an overdrive. It was released on the artist's YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Weibo (China), and WeChat pages, as well on Joyo Technology social media channels, both in the US and China. The video was produced by Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT.

In related news, Joyo Technology has also just signed on as an official sponsor of Tom Forst's popular blues-podcast "Chasing the Blues," through which they will announce a JoYo pedal give away. in the next few weeks. On "Chasing the Blues," Tom interviews other blues players from around the world. They share stories of blues legends, as well as chase the blues from its deep earthy roots to the present day. The podcast is available on Spotify, itunes, and all major streaming platforms.

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