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On his popular weekly "Chasing the Blues Podcast," Tom the Suit Forst chases down the roots of an original American art form to the dusty places where it all began, sharing stories of the original blues masters.  These stories are revealed in interviews with other top blues musicians, and music industry professionals throughout the world, who are all keeping the legacy of the blues alive in their own special way. "Chasing the Blues Podcast" has been airing weekly episodes since September 2018.  


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Chasing The Blues Podcast guests have included: 

Christine Ohlman

Anthony Gomes


Mike Zito

Andy Morrison

Seth Rosenbloom

Ally Venable

Victoria Ginty & Mike Ivey

Dana Fuchs

Joe Louis Walker

Jonathon Long

Brigitte Purdy

Sugaray Rayford

Anthony Geraci

Paul Gabriel 

Wee Willie Walker

Robin Liu (Chinese Blues Artist) 

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Announcing the "Chasing The Blues Podcast Tour 2019"

In October, November, and December 2019, Tom The Suit Forst will take his Chasing The Blues Podcast on the road, where he will blaze his own blues trail through America, interviewing top players, radio hosts, blues festival organizers, and serious blues fans. The podcast tour will include stops at historic blues-destinations like Beale Street in Memphis, the BB King Museum in Indianola, MS, and Bo Diddly Plaza in Gainesville, FL for special "Bluesman on the Street" Reporting. These special video episodes will be featured on YouTube and Chasing The Blues social media. 

About Tom The Suit Forst:


A guitarist, whose style has been called a cross between Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Joe Walsh, Tom Forst's debut solo album "On Fire" was produced by Grammy winning guitarist Paul Nelson of the Johnny Winter Band. A tireless performer who just completed his first tour of China,. Tom was also inducted into the New York and Connecticut Blues Hall of Fame in 2018. This year will see a new Tom The Suit Forst EP that he is recording at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT, featuring Ryan Hummel of Amos Lee Band, bassist Dave Stoltz of the Dickie Betts Band, and drummer Big Thursty. Then he will set his sights on Europe, and a second trip to Asia. At 67 years of age, Tom The Suit Forst is unstoppable. 

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