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Tom The Suit Forst New Music Video "Cross Your Border" Now on YouTube

The latest music video from Blues Hall of Fame guitarist and singer/songwriter Tom The Suit Forst is for a song called "Cross Your Border," now available on YouTube.

The video features daunting images of the US-Mexican border wall, as well as people caught up in the political fallout on both sides of the border. The song and video, however, are less a political statement than a reflection of the human struggle at the heart of the matter.

"The song is more about the struggle of a people willing to risk everything for just the chance of the freedom and opportunity that we enjoy in America. I have to admire the courage it takes. We are a nation that was founded by immigrants and to forget that is to forget who we are, and what makes us the greatest nation on earth," says Tom Forst about the song.

Cross Your Border is a bit of a musical outlier for an artist that is carving a unique niche in the blues-rock world, but this is not the first time the artist has used his music to call attention to a cause related to a deep inner consciousness. His 2016 Women of the World was released with a music video on the eve of the Women's March on Washington D.C, inspired by Tom's solidarity with promoting women's rights and female leadership.

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