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Hi, I'm Tom The Suit Forst, and welcome to my site.


The song "Women of the World" was a collaboration with my long time musical partner and friend, the late Gary Youell. One of the things Gary and I shared beside music was a common belief and passion for promoting women's rights, and female empowerment.


As a boy who was taught to respect women at an early age in life, this helped shape me into the man I became. It served me as a husband, to being happily married for many years, to building a happy family becoming a father to a daughter and a son. It impacted me as a teacher of children, later in the corporate world as a media executive, and then within my second career of music.


Two years ago I was able to record "Women of the World," which asks the musical question, " What if women were able to fully run the world?"  The song continues to resonate with listeners around the world to this day - and this is why I decided to rededicate song in honor of women around the world for Women's Month 2019.


It gives me hope to see so much attention for women's rights in the media, and that gives me hope. All I want for my daughters, and their daughter's daughters is to finally live in a world where abuse of women is a relic of the past, where all women have access to health care, education, and protection of their civil rights. That's not asking too much, is it?

Thanks for listening and please feel free to share. 

Respectfully, Tom 

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