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The Reviews are in for "World of Broken Hearts"

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     "World is one of those albums that reveals itself over repeated listens. On a song like “Late Night Train,” it’s easy to focus on the thundering beat and the stout guitar, courtesy of Paul Nelson, which sounds like Leslie West in his prime, Nelson mimicking the Mountain man’s signature vibrato with slide guitar. Forst’s voice weaves its way through it all, calmly reassuring, but also with intent and intensity. But eventually you begin to notice the other elements. The electric banjo, courtesy of Forst, bobs beneath the track, like waves lapping against the side of a boat. Background vocals subtly augment his own, giving some selective punch, without drowning Forst out. It’s a credit both to Forst and to producer Ethan Isaac.

     EPs can feel like speed dating. Artists are trying to get across their essence in a few pithy moments. It’s not just a hard thing to do, it’s arguably impossible. Yet Forst has managed it here, wisely selecting strong songs that, while thematically similar, also spotlight his range. Also helping things are stellar performances, all of it making you grateful that Forst traded his suits for a guitar."

Read the full review in American Blues Scene


     "I like this — it has attitude. Tom “the Suit” Forst is a musician who started his career at 57 & is now 69. OK maybe I shouldn’t mention age but hell, this guy’s music is a blues ass-kicker....Late Night Train,” has a swampy dark Blasters feel. The penetrating blues guitar tone & under the surface banjo hitches to the B.B. King schooled blues guitar. The sudden change in guitar gears is a cool transition."

Read the full review in Americana Highways 


     "I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, World of Broken Hearts, from Tom "The Suit" Forst and it's got a warm bluesy feel...Wrapping the release is my favorite track on the release, Willie Dixon's Hoochie Coochie Man with a great funky rock drum beat by McNabb, Forst on keys, bass and guitar behind his best vocals on the release. Hints to Dr. John's, I Walk on Guilded Splinters are really nice." 

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     "Short but sweet- here is a 5 song E.P. from Forst that goes straight to the heart.  Deep, warm and inviting, World Of Broken Hearts is proof that magic still exists...World Of Broken Hearts feels like a record from the early 70’s in a Band or CSNY sort of way in that it mixes rock, folk and blues in an almost hypnotic blend that you can’t help but be drawn to."

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     "Whether it’s the overtly bluesy stuff– and opener “Late Night Train” has more than a hint of Bonamassa in the lead playing, or the dirtier, more raw “I’m Not Over You Yet” – a real highlight – or the gorgeous, gentle, but regret filled title track, this really is from the very top draw...The back story is cool and all, but you know what’s better. The music. And I am going to guess that’s  the way Tom Forst always imagined it."

Read the full review in Maximum Volume


     "So, you haven’t heard of Tom “The Suit” Furst? Well you should. Blues/Rock fans have classified this life-long blues and rock musician as “a cross between Joe Bonamassa and Gary Clark Junior.” I’d like to add “with a spiritual kick.”

Read the full review in Nightlife

New Videos

YouTube Videos from "World of Broken Hearts"

Late Night Train filmed in Harlem 

and in the New York City subways

225K views and counting!

"Everything is Falling"  featuring

Beehive Queen Christine Ohlman of 

Saturday Night Live Band 

263,000 views and counting!

Pics from China tour


About Tom The Suit Forst


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"Rock on. Proud to have been with you every step of the way!"   

Beehive Queen of Rock n Blues Christine Ohlman (SNL House Band)


Tom The Suit Forst, a lifelong musician whose style has been called a cross between Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Joe Walsh, will release his new album "World of Broken Hearts" on Valentines Day, February 14, 2020. The 5-song EP features guest vocalists Christine Ohlman, Ethan Isaac, guitarist Paul Nelson (Johnny Winter Band), guitarist Ryan Hommel (Amos Lee Band), blues harp player James Montgomery, and drummer Travis McNabb (Sugarland, Better Than Ezra).


A music video for "Late Night Train is to be released in January 2020. The video, co-directed by Marc Alan with Director of Photography John Shyloski, was filmed in the streets of Harlem, and in the New York City subway. A second feature video has been filmed at the historic Wall Street Theater in Norwalk, CT, stylized as a modern take on "The Last Waltz." The song and video feature a duet vocal performance by Tom Forst with vocal powerhouse Christine Ohlman.


Tom The Suit Forst is an artist with an impressive resume for someone who didn't start his professional music career until the age of 57. He had been a corporate media executive for a major television company until the day he and his wife paid the last college tuition bill for their children. With that, Tom enacted a plan that was several years in the making - he became a full time musician and recording artist.


His unique story, which has been chronicled by Forbes Magazine, as well as by television news programs, radio and newspapers, has included a solo album produced by Grammy winner Paul Nelson, and being inducted into the New York and Connecticut Blues Hall of Fame. In 2018, he started a weekly podcast called "Chasing the Blues," which just completed its fiftieth episode, the finale of its Season One. The podcast, endorsed by the Blues Foundation, explores the history and impact of the blues as world music, and features interviews with other blues artists such as Mike Zito, Anthony Gomes and Joe Louis Walker.


At 69 years of age, Tom The Suit Forst has no intention of slowing down. With the release of "World of Broken Hearts," The Suit, as he is often called by fans, plans to tour straight through 2020, including a second tour of China, where he first visited in 2018. Tom is currently endorsed by Occhinerri Guitars, Eastwood Guitars, and JoYo Technology.

"I live every note that I play and breathe every lyric that I write.

To have others be touched by my music is the ultimate reward."   

Tom The Suit Forst


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